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This particular exerpt was from a letter written by Carmen and signed by the students and given to my boss Nov. 15, 2015.

1.  We wanted to express our gratitued regarding Betty Jiron who teaches yoga is an exceptional instructor.  Her teaching reflects she is well trained.  She follows lesson plans and prepares daily and focus on providing her students with very well balanced classes.  Classes are consistently varied and address the entire needs of the wide range of students.  She stresses the basic poses with step-by step instructions that are consistently accompanied with appropriate breathing and modifications that often times may be needed.  Occasionally incorporating the use of weights and often times bringing her own personal blocks, straps, and articles she has copied helps to keep us challenged yet focused as she reminds us Yoga is not a "competition" sport.  She is always on time, focused, and well prepared.  All of her students are so appreciative of her efforts and the manner in which she conducts the classes.

I recently gave a survey to all my students (March 2016) to see how I could improve my classes they filled out the survey anonymously that way they could be free to write down their true feelings. Some of them chose to give their names but some did not.  

2.  Betty is a kind and caring teacher.  What I love the best about her classes is she changes them up alot you never get bored.  She spends time on balance poses and spinal release poses that I love. I come to her classes 3x's a week and have noticed an improvement in ability to move.

3.  Betty is professional, personable, kind and caring.  That's what makes this class great!  She teaches to all levels and ages.

4.  I have been taking the class for stress, stretching, flexability and balance - everything!  I have been coming since Oct. 2015 and have loved it.  I try to come 3x's a week.  I love Betty - she is awesome!

5.  Betty, I have been coming for two years and I am very happy with your class.  I am thankful because you are helping me to move my body again.  I love you so much!

6.  I have been coming since last November and have seen a huge improvement in my flexibility, strength and mental relaxation.  I try to come 3x's a week and look forward to each every class. You're the best, Betty!

7.  My goals for the class were:  flexibility and range of motion, balance and core strength. Results: at first I couldn't even cross my leg sitting down now I am able to.  I could only touch above my knees now I can touch the floor.  With the back release poses:  I have success in rotation poses and elimination of back pain.  No injuries in this class unlike previous venue.  I love this class.  New to yoga and cannot believe the results, physical, mental and emotional.  I come 2-3x's a week.

8. The class relaxes me a great deal and it's a very gentle type of yoga.  I enjoy it very much. Thank you Betty!

9.  Just as all movements/poses release tension and increase flexibilty the whole class de-stresses, relaxes and improves overall mental and emotional health.  I like the correct format with poses/movements that combat the effects of sitting at a desk, using a mouse/computer and the overall aging provess.  Been coming for 8 years and keep coming forever!

The following testimonial was placed on another website called Yoga Trail.

Alejandro Perea October 18, 2016

Average: 5.0

Betty is a source of healing and light. She is peace itself.

I studied with Betty for three years (2005-2008). This was at a time that I needed healing from a 10 year drug addiction. Her classes are meditative and restorative. She is a master of savroopa yoga and these years of working with her changed my life forever.

I love teaching yoga!  I have a passion for yoga!  I love all my students they are Precious to me!




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