Coloring your world with beautiful colors, light and joy is a trend everyone can enjoy.  I decided to start a coloring session after my yoga class for my students.



We brought our lunch, coloring supplies and colored for a couple hours.  I offered my mandala coloring books to any student that did not have their own coloring book.  Carl Jung wrote about coloring mandalas as a relaxation technique and I never forgot this unique insight about the famous psychologist from my undergraduate years studying psychology.


Coloring research shows it causes a relaxing mindset similar to mediation because your focus is on the present moment.  Focusing on the present moment while we colored caused our heart beats to slow, our breathing to become deeper, our brainwaves changed and dissipated their anxiety.  The simple act of coloring brought us closer together as a class.


Download free mandala or coloring pages off the internet, buy a pack of crayons or markers and enjoy the tranquility of coloring.  How simple is that!

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