Restorative Yoga or Hatha Yoga in the Svaroopa style promotes deep relaxation by holding poses with props (blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps, knee pads) for longer periods of time to expand the spinal column.  We provide the props or bring your own for class.


Restorative Yoga releases the physical and mental stressors that cause headaches, backaches, anxiety, insomnia and more.  You do this by slowing your heart rate, breath and mind.


When you slow your breath, you slow the mind and the body releases tension to begin the healing process.  You can access profound peace and bliss when you release tension from the body.  This doesn't mean it will eliminate all your problems but Restorative Yoga gives you the tools to handle the stress of your busy life.  Western Medicine is acknowledging how stress can increase the risk of cancer and illness.


There is no judgement, mirrors or competition that sometimes occur in other yoga classes.  You receive individual attention from the instructor who helps you with the poses and draws upon her understanding of illness or limitations from injuries.  The class has room for 6 students to offer this unique environment.


  1. Deeply relaxes the body

  2. Quiets the mind

  3. Releases stress and tension from the body

  4. Balances our your nervous system and immune system

  5. Enhances your flexibility

  6. Helps you live a more peaceful, blissful life

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Yoga For Stress

West Side El Paso


Having fun at White Sands NM on a full moon!  Love to go out there on the full moon!

Been wanting to do aerial yoga and decided to try it after my 66 birthday!  This is inverted pigeon done during my first class.

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